Thursday, 24 May 2012

New Blog

Welcome friends to the very first edition of Appo's Abode.

I've been toying with the idea of creating a blog for some time now, and this afternoon I thought I would go for it. It will mainly follow my adventures of triathlon, but it will also include some miscellaneous activities that I undertake. I am well aware that the triathlon season is drawing to a close (well for me it is anyway) but I figured I would start it up regardless.

Next weekend on June 3 I am competing in my very first 70.3 race in Cairns. Its my last race for season and I'm excited to go up there and get amongst the action. My training was going well up until last Wednesday when I struggled to complete my quality run due to nerve pain in my hip. I finished the run looking like a one legged man in ass kicking competition. That alone should have been motivation enough to stop, if not that then the questionable looks i was recieving from neighbours as i hobbled through my suburb, limping home should have done it. Sadly I did not stop. Triathletes with their impatience and competitive nature always strive for a "leg up" on their competition. As it turned out, my glute muscles had progressively gotten really tight and started impinging on my Sciatic nerve which runs down your leg. I got a few deep tissues massages and made some appointments with my physio (who happens to be my girlfriends dad, who doesn't love free treatment?) and all I could do was stretch and rest up. I took 5 days off running but I'm happy to say I've run pain free for the past few days and it is holding up nicely. I'm putting the finishing touches on my training now as i come into the last week. As some would say; I've baked the cake, all I have to do is put the icing on.

That's all for now, check back later for some more posts. But not too regularly, I lead a busy lifestyle and I'm probably biting off more than I chew creating this blog.

Take care.

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