Sunday, 29 July 2012

Extra Curricular: Part 2

Welcome all to another edition of the abode.

It's been a month since my last post so I thought I'd update you all with what I've been up to, and what I'm about to embark on. The week before last I went to the snow with Kat to get away before I have to lock down with training and uni over the next few months. I borrowed gear from my brother who's an avid snowboarder, packed the car and drove 6 hours to Jindabyne. I took my running gear with the good intention of going on some scenic runs in the Kosciusko National Park, however the DOMS that accompanies a novice snowboarder prevented this. My body was aching more from snowboarding than it has done on past training camps where coaches dream up their malevolent sessions and try to outdo each other on the lactic acid scale (Canberra AIS camp anyone?). Fortunately, I found my footing after a few days of eating snow and spent the rest of the time thinking I was Shaun White.

Prior to my snow escapades I attended the Panthers Triathlon Club Ball. This night brings most members of the local triathlon community together to laugh, drink and celebrate the season just gone. Free wine and beer for the opening hour is not a great idea for triathletes as most of us were well under by the time the presentations rolled round. I was fortunate enough to receive Club Champion, a prestigious award that I have been aspiring to for years and this time managed to come home with the bacon. A lot of work has gone into the club over the past few years and I think we have developed arguably the best club around which I'm honored to be a part of.

I am now gearing up for this coming season by getting some base miles under my belt. There's not much to this, except looking at the oven clock on the way out, peddling/trotting for a number of hours and noting the time on the oven upon termination.

I'm looking at racing Port Mac 70.3 at the end of October. Unfortunately it's the same day as the local Nepean Triathlon, which is a fantastic event that I'm sorry to miss. However, I need to look at races that are going to develop me as an athlete and hopefully gain some exposure if I am able to post a good result.

That's all from my end friends, thanks for reading!


Kat and I on the Ski Tube to Perisher

Kat and I at the Club Ball 

View over Mt. Kosciusko

The old girl and I

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  1. kat got a lot older between photo #2 and photo #4